Mohair Sweaters and Coats

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Mohair Sweaters, Coats, Dresses, Pants, Cardigans, Leggings, Socks, Jersey's Mohair sweaters, coats, dresses, jerseys, ponchos, pants and many other mohair garments from The Magnificent Mohair Shop.

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The Magnificent Mohair Shop

Mohair sweaters, coats, cardigans, dresses, tops, bikinis, leggings, stockings, pants, ponchos, gloves, mittens, balaclavas, and scarfs from


Beside the soft and fluffy grey ones, the shop is now able to knit your garments in a very high quality and super fluffy mohair in color:

Rusty Red, Coral Red, and Purple Blue. The new shades are flame-colored and all the garments can now be ordered in these new shades as well. The mohair content is 93%

Furthermore the Magnificent Mohair Shop has now introduced a 97% black mohair which is a bit less fluffier than all the other mohair but extremely soft!

All the garments are knitted from 97% kidmohair (Greys and Brown) or 93% mohair (Color) and are of the most fluffiest (1 to 2 inches long) and softest mohair around.

Prices are in US dollars and the garments are shipped internationally by airmail all around the world. Because of your individual requirements, please anticipate a 3-4 week delivery time in case your size is not in stock.

For your convenience, creditcard payments will only be processed at the time the garment is ready for postage. So not when the order is received. Furthermore all goods will be fully insured.